Why should I register with MyMedicare.gov?

There is no question about it these days, if you want to get anything done in this world you can probably do it on the internet.  Since everyone has shifted to the internet for ease of use and efficiency there are many ways that you can make your life more convenient online.  One way for Medicare users to do this is to register with MyMedicare.gov so that they can access their Medicare account.

Here are a few things you can do with MyMedicare.gov:

  1. Access your personalized information at any time. You can get to your Medicare claims as they are processed and get more information on Medicare-related specific information.  This will help you improve your overall experience with Medicare. 
  2. Your eligibility, entitlement and preventive service information will be easily access on MyMedicare.gov.  This will give you access to the information that medical offices will want to know and you don’t remember.
  3. Your prescription drug enrollment information and your Part B deductible information along with your prescription drug list will be available.  This will make it possible for you to print off a list of drugs you use before you go to the doctor so they can get an accurate assessment of your medical needs.

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