Are there any Special Circumstances for Medicare Advantage Enrollment?

When you need to change your Medicare Advantage Plan there are some
people that will tell you that it is not possible to do so. However,
there are some instances that you can contact your provider and make
changes to your Medicare Advantage Plan if necessary. Here are a few
instances in which you could make changes to your Medicare Advantage
Plan if you had to.

A. If you move out of the service area of the plan that you had
enrolled in you could make changes. There is no requirement to pay
for a plan that you cannot use so this is definitely a possibility.

B. If you have Medicaid it may be necessary to contact your provider
and let them know. There may be changes that need to be made in order
for your plan to make sense to you and your provider.

C. If you qualify for Extra Help from Medicare you may need to contact
your provider. Extra Help is a Medicare program that helps to pay for
deductibles, premiums, etc. when the policyholder cannot make it

D. If you live in an institution (for Medicare’s sake this could be a
skilled nursing facility or the like) then your provider may want to
know. Don’t forget that you need to make sure that your institution
meets the federal definition of the word.

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