Depression is Now a Medicare Covered Service

The clinical depression diagnosis once carried with it a stigma of
being something that happened to “weak” or “unstable” people. As
science and medicine have advanced people have begun to understand
that this is actually just the struggles of an unbalanced body. Now,
insurance companies or groups like Medicare are recognizing the
struggle and adding the condition to the list of Medicare Part B
covered services.

One screening per year can be done as a part of this covered service
so that you can get someone to discuss your condition with you. This
screening has to be done in a primary care setting and can provide
follow-up treatment and referrals. You do not have to pay anything if
a primary doctor or other health care provider accepts the assignment.

When you have depression sometimes the last thing that you want is
someone to tell you that you have depression. However, sometimes the
only way to make your way out of that darkness is to talk to someone
that can help. Contact your provider and schedule your depression
screening today as it is covered and you need the assistance.

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