December 7th is the Cutoff for Changes to Medicare Advantage Plans…kind of

Dates mean a lot to insurance companies as they don’t want to be responsible for paying for things that happened before they started getting paid. You must play by the rules that they set forward so that you always have coverage for your health issues. However, if you miss an open enrollment date all hope is not lost, there are some options for you though they are still very rigid and tough.

From January 1st to February 14th you can admit to your error and switch to Original Medicare from a Medicare Advantage Plan without penalty. This is a good option if you have second thoughts or plain just made a bad choice for you and your health benefits. This is only, however, if you are looking to go back to Original Medicare from a Medicare Advantage Plan.

If you make this change you will also have until February 14th to get coverage for prescription drugs on your policy. After your enrollment is completed the coverage will kick in on the first day of the next month that is in question. Being able to get out of a bad decision is nice if you figure out that you didn’t think things through correctly.

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