Obesity is now a Medicare Covered Service

The epidemic that is currently sweeping through the nation and
wrecking havoc is that of obesity, and many don’t realize it’s impact.
However, Medicare has stepped up and recognized obesity as a struggle
that requires it to be a covered service. There are some options
available to anyone with Medicare that is obese under the obesity
screening and counseling addition to the covered services list.

When your body mass index exceeds 30 or more you are qualified for
intensive counseling by Medicare to help. This training helps you to
lose weight by starting you off in a primary care setting where your
doctor can help coordinate a plan for you. You need to start the
conversation about how this is now covered so they aren’t surprised.

Obesity is a real problem that requires changes, not just to your
diet, but to your entire way of life. With the intensive counseling
and plan that your doctor coordinates you can change your life and the
way that you live it. Don’t pass up an opportunity to change your
life with counseling on your obesity and the way to get out.

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