Did You Know That Alcohol Misuse is Now a Covered Medicare Service?

Medicare continues to review their covered services every year to make
sure that they are providing the best care possible to their
policyholders. In 2012, Medicare has added three more covered
services to Medicare Part B and one of those is alcohol misuse. With
this covered service there are some ways in which people can get good
help when dealing with alcohol.

Medicare covers one alcohol misuse screening per year for adults with
Medicare (including pregnant women) who misuse alcohol, but aren’t
alcohol dependant and are competent and alert during counseling.
Face-to-face counseling up to four times in a brief setting are
possible for those that screen positive for the condition. This is a
way to ensure that the right people are getting the right help.

If a doctor or healthcare provider accepts your assignment you will
pay nothing and a qualified primary care doctor or other primary care
provider must provide the first counseling session. This would be
done in a primary care setting and would be necessary to start the
treatment for your condition. Take the opportunity to understand the
odds that are against you and take this option.

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