Who is Eligible for Medicare Benefits?

The idea of Medicare in and of itself is to give people the opportunity to purchase health insurance when it may not be otherwise offered.  Beyond this, it is to give the opportunity to obtain financially suitable coverage for those that have little means of a financial budget.  Here are some tips for those wondering, who is eligible for Medicare benefits?

First of all, if you are 65 or older you can get Medicare Part A insurance based on the employment of you or your spouse.  If you or your spouse worked long enough in a federal, state or local government job to be on Medicare or you could have Medicare benefits based on the work record of you or your spouse.

If you are under 65 you are eligible for Medicare Part A if you have been a disability beneficiary for 24 months, if you have worked long enough in a federal, state, or local government job and you meet the requirements of the Social Security disability program.

Finally, if you have kidney failure you are able to get Medicare if you are insured or getting monthly benefits under social security or you have worked long enough in government to be insured for Medicare.

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