What You Need to Know About VA Medicare Benefits

All health plans across the board from the public to the private sector operate differently and this is especially true with VA (Veterans Affairs) Medicare benefits.  The VA benefits and Medicare benefits are actually two separate groups as one is afforded to veterans only and the other is offered to any citizen that meets the criteria.  However, some VA benefits may make you think twice about going with VA benefits alone. 

Those who have Medicare know that it works just as any other insurance does in that you pay for a service and receive it if necessary.  With the VA you get procedures and services done based on a priority that is based on your service-connection and income.  This means you could be waiting for a while to have a procedure done that needs to be done now. 

Keeping both coverage options available means that you can use one over the other if necessary.  Medicare may be a better option for one service than the other and possibly one medication could be covered on one and not the other.  VA Medicare benefits can be very good if you use them the right way and keep your options open.

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