What is a Medicare Certificate of Medical Necessity?

There are times in life where your health reaches the point where you need additional help from either man or machine.  This help could be for your ability to perform daily functions or it could be to keep you going all together, but the fact is it is necessary.  This is when your health insurance, Medicare, will step in and start to perform to be able to suit your needs.

Medicare requires a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) to authorize the use of durable medical items and equipment.  Your primary physician will be the one to do this and you must alert them to the fact that you will need this documentation.  Your doctor’s employee can fill it out if necessary, just so long as someone associated with the office passes on the notification.

The coordination of the equipment you need will take place between the doctor and the supplier so they can ensure you get what you need.  If any information is missing they will take care of it between each other as Medicare will fulfill the demands.  An updated certificate must be completed when your condition or your prescription changes from what it started out as.

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