What cancer screening does Medicare currently cover?

Cancer is a major killer in our society and is a condition that most people have had a family member battle at some point in their lives.  Due to the widespread nature of the disease it has become a quest of many people to try to fund the research to find a cure for cancer.  While nobody has found a cure just yet, every doctor will tell you that early, preventative screening is always recommended.

Medicare does cover cancer screening for multiple different types of cancer if you are in a situation where you need to be screened.  The full-range of colorectal cancer tests are performed by Medicare along with annual mammograms for women over the age of 40.  A pap test and pelvic exam is also recommended every 24 months in order to keep yourself ahead of the curve.

In addition to these there is an annual prostate exam that will happen for men that are over the age of 50.  As you can see, Medicare takes cancer screening very seriously in order to prevent cancer’s onset from as many people as possible.  Stay up with this ever-changing discussion of benefts and don’t stop until you get the answers that you need.

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