Stopping Medicare Supplier Fraud: Getting Charged for Items Not Provided by Medicare

When you are on Medicare or any other health insurance program that provides you assistance you should always know when you are about to be charged for something. Any service you have agreed to and any piece of equipment you have been told about so when you don’t get notified you should be suspicious. Any items that you are charged for that are not provided by Medicare should be a sign of Medicare fraud.

Fraud has become much more prevalent in Medicare these days and your best hope for helping to stop it is to report suspicious activity to Medicare. When you get charges that you are unaware of for things that you don’t remember getting you should alert the authorities immediately. Whenever you get the opportunity to stop this kind of activity you are helping yourself and anyone else currently on Medicare.

All insurance fraud doesn’t just affect the individual who commits it and the insurance company that is the victim, it affects all ofus. Fraud drives up the cost of insurance because the cost of the fraud is passed around for everyone to properly collect. Do what you can to stop it and everyone will owe you a large amount of gratitude.

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