Pre-Existing Conditions and New Medicare

The last two years brought much discussion and speculation about the future of health insurance in our country.  In spite of what side of the political aisle you resided on you should be able to admit that something needs to be done to reform health insurance.  With new health care laws some of this has already started and you should be aware of some of this. • New health insurance laws require a transitional high-risk program for people that don’t have insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  Again, this is not necessarily the perfect option, but it is a better option than what previously existed.

• Denying coverage because of a pre-existing condition to a child is not possible anymore as this law went in to place in September 2010.  In fact, adults will be covered under this rule in 2014.  Health insurance for children is always a good idea.

• Lifetime limits on your coverage was no longer allowed starting in September 2010 as insurance companies abused this.  The value of this change is immeasurable to those that have a lot of time spent in medical facilities.

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