Medicare Part D Coverage to Slightly Raise Premium in 2011

With the daily discussions going on about health care and health care reform it is good to know that in some areas of health care costs are not going up.  Medicare Part D, or Medicare’s drug program, will raise premium amounts by only $1 in 2011.  What this means for Medicare subscribers is that the new premium will be roughly $30 per month to the people who opt to get the coverage.
Medicare Part D coverage will help you pay for much of the drugs that you may happen to need in the future for your personal health.  If you are considering making any changes to your coverage it could also affect your premium, but you should consider a few things before changing to another policy.  The most obvious question being if your newer policy will cover the drugs that you need.
Too often people get caught up in saving money with one insurance company over another without realizing that the new coverage won’t cover what they need.  When this happens you are effectively throwing money away every month on a coverage that you will not use.  Be sure to read through the Medicare Part D enrollment information you get before making any rash decisions.

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