Medicare is Stronger with New Regulations

Strengthening government programs is always a good idea for the general public as our money was used to create the programs in the first place.  Medicare laws that went in to place in 2011 were focused on doing exactly this.  Read more of this article to find out how Medicare is approaching this type of situation. • Medicare will continue to grow over the next two decades as it has until now, but thanks to changes in waste, abuse and fraud it will grow much slower.  Spending is good when it is productive growth and this is when you can relax.  The Medicare Trust Fund will be extended by 12 years with the changes being made.

• Almost $200 per year in premiums will be saved in 2018 and over $200 per year will be saved in co-insurance when you compare the old law with the new one.  Paying less money for your insurance coverage is what we have all been waiting for.

• Higher premiums will be in store for ($85,000 of annual income for individuals or $170,000 for married couples filing jointly) upper-income beneficiaries.  A small fraction of the population is not happy with this, but it will only affect about 2% of the people that actually use Medicare.

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