Medicare Dental Benefit

When it comes to inquiring about the Medicare dental benefit you will be disappointed to know that there is more of a lack of a Medicare dental benefit than the presence of one.  For some confusing reason the administrators and governors of Medicare have not felt it necessary to provide consistent dental benefits to Medicare subscribers.  If you have the desire to have regular teeth cleanings or dental work you should know that you will likely be on your own without strong Medicare dental benefits.

The problem with Medicare dental benefits is that they only kick in when the services or procedures are deemed medically necessary.  This doesn’t exactly mean when you need to get a root canal, instead this is when you may have to have a dental exam prior to a kidney transplant or the like.  Some members of congress are trying to change this, but as of now the Medicare dental benefit is extremely weak.

With new health care legislation coming down in Washington it is possible that changes could be on the way for the Medicare dental benefit, but it isn’t for sure.  As always, if you feel that changes need to be made to Medicare and specifically the Medicare dental benefit you should probably write your congressman.

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