Medicare and Physical Therapy Services

Insurance coverage is usually going to be dependent on the need of the individual that is paying for the coverage through the company.  The main goal of a health insurer is to make sure that you have access to care that would improve your quality of life and physical therapy definitely falls into this category.  Medicare does offer some services for physical therapy and you can find out more below.
According to Medicare: “…Physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and occupational therapy for as long as your doctor says you need it. Physical therapy includes exercise to regain movement and strength in a body area, and training on how to use special equipment or do daily activities, like how to get in and out of a wheelchair or bathtub…”  As usual, these terms are not completely specific and defined, but you can see the point that Medicare is trying to make.
As you can see the main concern of Medicare is that the doctor approves the necessity of the services and you get the support you need.  By involving a doctor’s decision Medicare is trying to prevent fraudulent claims from being filed for financial gain.  By making requirements about the type of care you receive Medicare is trying to look out for your well-being.

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