Long-Term Care is Better with Medicare

Practices and procedures were reviewed nationwide in 2010 after the new health care legislation started to be enforced.  The people that received the most care are the ones that standed to benefit the most from the changes made.  If you are one of those that needs more care you will be happy to know that your long term care choices have improved. • Thanks to the Elder Justice Act there is a new law to help to prevent and fight elder abuse and neglect, in addition to improving nursing home environments.  It is shameful to have elder abuse and neglect a part of our world but it happens and should be avoidable.

• A new voluntary insurance program referred to as CLASS is now available to help with long term care and support at home.  To help those who can’t help themselves this is a great step forward.

• Home and community based care will improve for those that are on Medicaid and their spouses will benefit from the changes that have been made as well. If you take advantage of these changes then the law has done its job, if you don’t do your part then Medicare won’t change for you.

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