Is There Medicare Wheelchair Coverage?

If you have not heard of the term “Durable Medical Equipment” or “DME” then you probably don’t know it is the Medicare wheelchair coverage in a nutshell.  Durable medical equipment is anything from a scooter to a wheelchair that helps you get around and maintain daily impendence.  This equipment must be approved by a doctor before you can purchase it and get it covered by Medicare.  Here is what the doctor will consider: 

  1. Can the wheelchair stand up to repeated use?  For Medicare wheelchair coverage to apply the equipment must be able to withstand some abuse.
  2. Is the wheelchair used “primarily and customarily” for a medical purpose?  Medicare wheelchair coverage will not apply if this situation is not checked as a “yes”.
  3. Would the equipment (wheelchair) be useful to you if you did not have an illness or injury?  This question is to keep from situations where people obtain this equipment just to sell it for profit.
  4. Is the wheelchair appropriate for use in the home?  Can you actually navigate it in your home and get the independence that you may need?

Once the doctor feels that all of these situations apply they will approve you for Medicare wheelchair coverage and get you on your way.

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