Is Bone Mass Measurement Covered through Medicare?

Much of what insurance does is measure the risk that you have of costing them money and then charge you accordingly.  This is the truth across the spectrum of insurance coverage policies from health to life to auto insurance and is no different for Medicare.  This is why Medicare will approve certain screenings to determine if you are at risk for certain conditions.

Bone mass measurement is a screening that is done to see if you more at risk than the average to have broken bones in your life.  As this can be a very painful way to live your life there will be costs involved and Medicare wants to know how costly you will be.  Fortunately for people that are afflicted, Medicare will help to pay for the measurement periodically while you are covered by the plan.

Once every 24 months Medicare will allow you to have this screening done to rule out your possible affliction.  You must meet certain medical conditions or criteria to be able to qualify to be covered by the screening.  The Medicare Part B deductible will apply for this situation and you will end up paying for 20% of the Medicare approved amount.

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