How to Stop Supplier Fraud on Medicare: Use the Senior Medical Patrol (SMP) Office

When it comes to health insurance (especially those that are federal government regulated) many people don’t know what they are looking at or what they should do. Local groups help the citizens of the area learn about their Social Security and Medicare benefits and much of this is done through the Senior Medicare Patrol) SMP. This helps a lot, but many subscribers are still being held to the Medicare standard of confusion.

The Senior Medicare Patrol office helps the situation of its customers by helping with billing issues, protecting our investments, and report respect issues. This office is exclusive to those that need it and are considered to be Senior in Medicare Patrol.

If you think that someone is using your personal information, or if you suspect Medicare fraud, call your local Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) office. The Administration on Aging’s SMP programs can teach you how to protect your Medicare information, detect billing discrepancies, and report suspected errors, fraud, and abuse. To find your local SMP program, visit and select the SMP Locator.

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