How to Apply for Medicare

How easy is it to apply for Medicare?

Medicare is a U.S. government plan which provides citizens of 65 or older with health insurance. Certain criteria means those younger can also receive Medicare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) run the Medicare program. Both you and your supplier must apply for Medicare for you to receive the benefits and for your doctor to accept coverage.

The first thing to make sure is you have the current information. Incorrect information could result in you making the wrong decisions.

Who needs to apply for Medicare?

Most people when they hit 65 years old will be automatically enrolled into Medicare. Notification of this will be a few months before their birthday so there will be no need to apply. On top of this anybody already receiving Social Security benefits will also automatically be enrolled into Part A and B of the Medicare program.

Any American citizens not automatically added to the Medicare health plan, will have to apply for themselves. This form CMS 4OB (Application for Enrolment in Medicare) can be collected from their local Security Admin Office. All they need to do is phone 1-800-772-1213 to make an appointment. Their local Security office will arrange a suitable time to discuss an application for Medicare.

When an application is put through for Medicare, quite often a monthly retirement benefit is put through as well.  All this, can be done online or if you have any queries, you can contact your Social Security office for some free assistance

Do medical providers have to apply?

Although most U.S citizens are automatically registered with Medicare, Any health providers wanting to be included in the program will have to apply for Medicare separately. Providers approved for Medicare will then be able to care for patients who are under the Medicare program and in turn they can now receive reimbursements for the services performed.

All medical providers can apply for Medicare by acquiring and submitting the application form that corresponds to their chosen medical services. These application forms can be located either online at / or at their local Social Security Office.

To summarize

· Most U.S citizens will be automatically enrolled at 65 years old.
· People not enrolled automatically can apply but need to meet certain conditions.
· Any medical provider wishing to be reimbursed for Medicare patients must also apply.

There may be a lot of paperwork and application forms to fill in, but in the end you may as well reap the rewards that come with Medicare.

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