How do I read my Medicare Part A Hospital Inpatient Claim details?

Medicare Part A inpatient claims can be difficult to deal with at times because the invoice that you receive will be filled with such a large amount of information.  There are some parts of this information that may be confusing to you and this is what we will attempt to solve.  Here are a few of the things that you should look for when you receive your claim details page for your Medicare Part A inpatient claim.

Start Date/End Date – These dates are important because they are what the provider is trying to be reimbursed for.  Make sure the dates are right and that the check in is legitimate before sending something back to Medicare.

Claim Number – The importance of the claim number is that you will know what to reference when trying to get information about your claim.

Date/Type of Admission – Again this information is important to ensure that your provider is paid only for the type of service they provided and the day it was provided upon.

Benefit Days Used – This could be important because you will only get so many benefit days during a period of time.

Total Amount Charged/Total Non-Covered Charges – The total amount charged by Medicare to your provide is not what you will have to pay.  You will have to pay the non-covered charge that is left over.

Total Amount You May Be Billed – This will be the total amount including deductibles, co-insurance and the like that Medicare will not pay for.

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