Fraud is a Serious Subject for Medicare

Medicare has made a new initiative to do something to protect your health information from those who may want to harm you.  It is always good to see the Federal Government step up to try to protect you from security issues with your personal, confidential information.  Medicare has already started to protect you in new ways, some listed below. • Criminals that seek to scam seniors and take taxpayer dollars will be dealt with as Medicare will new tools available for the pursuit.  Protecting senior citizens is important to all of us and the government is taking action.

• Medicare will become more efficient which means that fraud and abuse go away in addition to the reduction in waste and payment errors, meaning more money goes to the Medicare Trust Fund to strengthen Medicare.  The Medicare institution needs to be protected and preserved for everyone’s sake.

• Fighting fraud starts with you and your awareness of it.  Being aware and vigilant when your information is discussed is when Medicare needs you.  What you have to remember is that sometimes you are the only one that knows when things don’t sound right, so speak up! • The best option to you for fighting Medicare fraud is to call 1-800-MEDICARE if you suspect any fraudulent activity with your plan.

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