Cheap Medicare Medical Equipment Providers Do Exist

Trying to get durable equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and other equipment to help an individual or a caregiver or family member take care of them is not always an easy task.  In fact, often it becomes a long and tedious activity that requires repeated phone calls followed by letters, forms and a long, long wait – not what you would call an easy task – especially if you are the caregiver and the individual who needs the equipment is suffering.

Getting approved – if you manage to do that – takes what seems like (or maybe is) forever, and once that happens, there are cost considerations, depending upon what is covered – especially by Medicare or Medicaid.

It is sad that someone who is suffering with a disability and the issues surrounding it must go through red tape and jump through hoops after hoops to get anywhere in this battle.  In addition, there are approvals (hopefully) after the wait, but in the meantime, there are those wonderful reviews and appeals. There are too any obstacles and delays.  Why? Just so someone who is hurting can get a wheelchair?  What a system.

The good news is that there is good news. Last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created a list of 325 providers who have contracted with Medicare to provide certain services and equipment various areas of the country at much lower prices than Medicare pays now.

The program is available in various areas of the country and will continue to expand, helping millions of people who need durable medical equipment.  The companies that supply services must agree to and uphold Medicare’s requirements.  The program should save Medicare recipients about 26%, which could make things easier for Medicare, Medicaid and, most importantly, the individual who needs the assistance and equipment.

For information regarding this program and your benefits, contact CMS.

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