Beware of a Fraudulent Medicare Benefits Scheme

Regardless of the process involved, if there is a way to make something fraudulent and take advantage of people those who want to do that will figure it out.  Such is the case with the type of Medicare benefits scheme that is designed to have you hand over some of your valuable personal information.  With this idea in mind it is important for you to know how to avoid these Medicare benefits schemes that will try to take your money.

Here are three things to remember to avoid a Medicare Benefits Scheme:

  1. If someone comes to your home without an appointment and tries to talk to you about Medicare benefits it is a Medicare benefits scheme.  Agents who can do these types of transactions must set appointments.
  2. If the fraudulent Medicare benefits scheme you are being taken by does try to set an appointment, get their information and verify their identity before they arrive.  Your state department of insurance will have a list of licensed agents, if they aren’t on the list they aren’t licensed.
  3. Any kind of Medicare benefits scheme that asks for your personal information for payment over the phone or on the internet without sending you a bill is potentially fraudulent.  Medicare approved agents or facilities are required to send you a bill.

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