Are there Medicare Optical Benefits?

Medicare does do a better job of covering some things for you than others, but in the end almost all procedures or benefits are covered.   With your Medicare Optical Benefits you are not covered as well as some insurance companies, but you are covered nonetheless.  Here are a few things that you can expect to get or not get with your Medicare Optical Benefits:

  1. Only standard frames are covered.  If you are the type that needs to be trendy and current, forget it, you get the basics.
  2. Lenses are covered even if you had the surgery before you had Medicare.  This is a rarity in the insurance world, a coverage that exists on a condition you had before you got the coverage.
  3. Payment may be made for lenses for both eyes even though cataract surgery involved only one eye.  This is good news for anyone that doesn’t just want to be half well.

Medicare covers glasses or contact lenses for patients who have had cataract surgery and an intraocular lens implant. Medicare will cover these items even if the patient had surgery before Medicare benefits began.  More good news for anyone looking to recover from cataract surgery.

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