Are Medicare drug plans allowed to cover sleeping pills?

There can be a lot of confusion surrounding what is and is not covered by Medicare for your prescription drugs and because of this you should research all information that you receive.  When you get your information after enrolling in Medicare Part D, the Medicare prescription drug coverage, it is a good idea to verify what you can and cannot get.  In this spirit it is a good idea for us to discuss the possibility of having sleeping pills covered by your Medicare prescription drug coverage, or Medicare Part D.

If you have a standard plan it will not cover the use of sleeping pills, or benzodiazepines, for your use in any way.  However, if you have a Medicare drug plan the use of these pills will be covered, though it may cost you a little more than usual.  The premium for the plans that cover these drugs is usually a little higher than that of standard plans.

This should be good news to anyone that is suffering or struggling in relation to sleep as long as you carry Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug coverage).  If you are unsure what your coverage options are you should login in to your account online and see if you have the right coverage for the situation.

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